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Scott Beebie

Mike Lagree
Janet Duprey I of IV
Dr. Erik Eaglefeather
Tenzin Dorjee
Janet Duprey II of IV

Tenzin Dorjee is a downtown business owner and candidate in the City mayoral democratic primary

Janet Duprey is a former New York State Assemblywoman and long time area advocate

Mike Lagree is retired from CVPH and has worked with Scott professionally & officiating amateur athletics


Dr. Erik Eaglefeather is an area veterinarian who worked with Scott in his advocacy for the prevention of animal abuse

Dave and Leisa Boise are longtime owners of a downtown business. Leisa is also active with the Plattsburgh City School District School Board 

Janet Duprey Part IV of IV
Janet Duprey III of IV
Leisa Boise
Dave Boise

     Ultimately, they along with us and others believe that there is no other candidate with the wealth of experience, and no other candidate with the collaborative record that Scott has established. Scott Beebie has a legacy of service, a lifetime of working for effective partnerships to better serve the community. 

     Scott was born into a family with a legacy of service to the country and community. Born to Wayne and Carol Beebie (nee Rostak) on an Army Base in West Germany during his father's deployment; the family service record goes back generations. Scott's father and both his grandfathers served in various branches of the military. The collective service record spans four different conflicts up to and including surviving Pearl Harbor. 

     Proud to have been raised in Plattsburgh; it's where Scott went to school, where he has worked, where he met and married his wife and where they've raised their family. Scott and Lisa (nee Miller) have been married twenty nine years. Their children all live and work locally: Allison; 26, Ryan; 20, Shayna; 20. They remain proud of their certification as New York State Department of Social Services Foster Parents.

    Fiercely proud of his family history- Scott was driven to make his own mark right here in the City of Plattsburgh. A legacy of service to the city that is largely unparalleled and resolutely undisputed. It began in 1988, Scott served with the District #3 Fire Department, serving the area between the Town of Plattsburgh and the City of Morrisonville. A year into his fire service Scott was called up by the City of Plattsburgh Police Department. On September 5th 1989 Scott began serving the City as a Patrolman. through diligence and perseverance he rose through the rank and file, became a detective and continued on into management. He successfully held every Lieutenant's office at the PPD managing officers in the Patrol, Detective and Administrative divisions. 

     Collaborating with a variety of community and state agencies Scott has a documented history of effecting change, at all levels. Having worked locally and regionally with victim advocates, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, and Alliance for Positive Health. 

     Always prioritized recreation and the community it creates and supports- especially among the youngest members of our community. that commitment is evident in his participation as an athlete, official and coach for PCSD and community teams across various disciplines. 

 Scott & Family ~ Graduation Day 2017 

Ryan, Lisa, Scott, Shayna & Allison Beebie

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