Things at Team Beebie Headquarters have been moving pretty quickly. As the campaign is making more and more media appearances, we hope to keep a record of them here and hope you'll check back often.

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                                                 October 5, 2020


Thanks to Thom Hallock and the MLPBS team.


  Joe LoTemplio, Editor-in-Chief with the Plattsburgh Press Republican and Pat Bradley, North Country Bureau Chief with WAMC Northeast Public Radio were panelists. They asked the candidates questions about the city’s downtown development project, budget cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, racism, affordable housing, and transparency in government  

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                                                 October 1, 2020


Have you met Gaelan Trombley?  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.


Gaelan is a local realtor with talent for podcasts 

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                                                 September 30, 2020


First political debate via Zoom.  It was actually more of a discussion, thank you to Brian Colleran and the production team for hosting.  The links below are to the discussion and the summary respectively. 

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                                                 September 24, 2020

Mayoral Candidates Respond to Proposed Budget Cuts 

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                                                 September 16, 2020

Mayoral Candidates Weigh In on School Resource Officer  Issue

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                                                 September 15, 2020

Campaign Countdown- City of Plattsburgh Mayoral Race

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For Immediate Release                                                  September 9, 2020

          I was deeply troubled by the City Council’s most recent decision to withhold support for the Plattsburgh City School District School Resource Officer program.  It would seem the council’s decision caught the PCSD off guard as well, as  according to news reports, not a single councilor contacted the district to discuss their thoughts for the program moving forward. Perhaps if they had, they would have learned that the district wholeheartedly not only sees numerous benefits from the program, but the district renders the program cost neutral to the city. The complete lack of support does nothing to mend the fractured relationship that either stemmed or resulted from building a bridge, ironically enough.  The swift decision doesn’t even seem to be consistent with the council’s, albeit limited, discussion. The City Chamberlain informed them that the program was entirely funded by the PCSD.  

          The SRO program came to fruition here in Plattsburgh two years ago.  It came as we as a city began to embrace different applications of community policing. I advocated for the program then, to the PCSD Board (as a citizen of the City) and I am advocating for it now. The council didn’t even solicit the Public Safety Citizens Review Panel. Removing support for this program is equivalent to removing support for our school district, and the swift comfort with which the council made that decision compounds the tragedy. By rushing to judgement they either deliberately or inadvertently undermined their purported value for community policing.

          We have never been here before as a community, and I would hope that we use this opportunity to rebuild differently, and community policing is something that the community is crying out for. During this time of uncertainty it is crucial more than ever to have a stabilizing factor present in our schools. The SRO program allows experienced and knowledgeable individuals onto our campus that the students are accustomed to seeing in a setting that may not look or feel the same as it did. Let us bring a sense of calm, or at least consistency, to our students, families and schools as we trek into what is assuredly the unknown future we all face during this pandemic.

          The city council seemed to draw satisfaction from the information that no arrests had been made by the School Resource Officers. Perhaps they need to be made aware the exercise of measuring a proactive preventative program with results like arrest numbers are ineffective.

          Our country and community are so fractured right now, and I join everyone in being exhausted with the divisiveness that has been brought right here to our community.  But you cannot assert that as a council you have any value for a community policing model when you  then eliminate those positions and posts from that same community. I urge the council to right this wrong. Perhaps a moratorium on the vote for two weeks to enable democratic discussion and to have the public consulted before a permanent decision is made.  This is a decision that affects every student and family within our City, a decision that very well may further damage our fractured community, our school district and our community policing initiatives. 

September 5, 2020

 I was really impressed with our regional young professionals association.  I've known Meghan Weeden since she was a high school athlete. It is no mystery that she is the new President of the Adirondack Young Professionals. I continue to be impressed with her desire to be a part of the solution.  Thanks to you and the ADKYP for having me, I look forward to collaborating with you and your group in the future. 

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August 30, 2020

Thanks to Ernie Galarza & "Going Places with Ernie"  This aired on August 30th, among some other dates. Thoroughly enjoyed our chat Ernie. I look forward to the next time.

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August 24, 2020

Enjoyed my conversation with Sun Community News. We spoke at length about my approach and some priorities for the City of Plattsburgh. 

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For Immediate Release                                                                        Wednesday August 12, 2020                                                                                            

I have received a handful of requests from the media looking for my comment on my opponent’s press release “A Plan for Plattsburgh”. Quite honestly, it appears to be a compilation of arguments of assertion. The citizens of the City of Plattsburgh have lived through this type of administration for the last four years. Colin Read came into the City of Plattsburgh brandishing a spreadsheet and asserting he had the secrets to City solvency. He absolutely eviscerated departments, and cut the City to the core. Under his reign for one of the first times in recent history the party refused to back their incumbent. This “plan” seems like of more of the same.

There are some ideals in there that I think are just shared points of good leadership. The timelines look like they were just tagged on as an afterthought. That actually might make the most sense, considering there is nothing practical between the ideals and a time line. I firmly believe that we need to rebuild our City. I am in constant conversation with city residents, area businesses and regional leaders and others invested in our City. We are all in agreement that on a very basic level- if you want to achieve something different, you have to do something differently. There are multiple problems with my opponent’s plan. This whole “spreadsheet savior” is something we’ve had to live through for almost four years; and “the plan” isn’t different enough from a spreadsheet.

Second and perhaps more importantly, we are looking to rebuild our City- and in order to rebuild for a future that is attainable, sustainable and successful we need to know “where the bottom is”. With Colin Read; City Hall has become a “hall of secrets” & opaque policies that leave citizens with more questions than answers. We don’t know “where the bottom is” and so plans to build a future on an unknown foundation really aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.



For Immediate Release                                                                        Thursday July 9, 2020

       The DRI at it’s inception, a mayor ago if you will, provided some real positives to our downtown business district. I’ve since learned through extensive conversation with our downtown business owners and others that a lot of the logistics that would go along with the gargantuan, executive housing high-rises are entirely different from the initial project. Worse still, some of the actual criterion they agreed upon has been changed or voided in a thorough erosion of any good faith that had been established.


The urgency of claiming, and putting any state grant or award to good use is not the issue. I think we all agree that such a big decision deserves the time for education and communication in order to have an informed factual and accurate interpretation of the topic at hand. The way things have been handled by this mayor and this party, have not been in keeping with the transparency I would like to instill in the mayor’s office. As such I continue to connect with Plattsburgh city businesses; downtown and beyond. It bears mention that throughout my conversations with businesses and building owners in the project area, I have not located anyone to date that has an overwhelming opinion in favor of this project.


I have heard resounding concerns to include: lack of adequate parking, lack of transparency during the entire process, angled parking, altered traffic patterns, too generous of a PILOT agreement and overwhelming feelings of betrayal by city hall. As a person who earnestly believes that the responsibility of elected leadership is to listen and serve those who elected him/her into office, I am of the belief that it is incumbent upon those seeking elected office to make informed and fact-based decisions.


The Downtown Revitalization Grant has morphed into the Prime Project instead of serving the citizens and business owners in the City of Plattsburgh. It seems to be Colin Read’s last ditch effort to write himself another golden parachute as he ploughs through our city and it’s government with his foot on the accelerator and his eye on the rearview mirror. I am wholeheartedly invested in starting a new conversation with the focus being actually revitalizing our city’s downtown into something that benefits the taxpayers and city stakeholders and enhances, not destroys, our valued historical downtown district.